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Remaining lot model homes are open for viewing Monday – Friday 8:30am-4:30pm, but office hours are by appointment only.

Can I tour your homes?

Yes!  Please stop in during our business hours or contact us to schedule an appointment for another time.  Click here for photos and virtual tours of models at our Hayward home center now.

What is the difference between… Modular Homes, Manufactured Homes, Sectional Homes, HUD Homes, Mobile Homes, System-Built, Precision-Built, Stick-Built and Site-Built homes? And which do you offer?

Modular Homes, System-Built, Precision-Built, Stick-Built and Site-Built homes are all built to the local (state, county and municipality) construction codes.

Stick-Built/Site-Built homes are completely constructed at the building site and are exposed to everything Mother Nature has to offer during the construction period. System-Built and Precision-Built are terms used by Modular Home builders to describe their processes of building engineered homes inside, in a controlled environment. These one and two-story homes are designed to be built in two or more modules, which are transported to your site to be set on your foundation and immediately closed to the elements. These homes are always built on a full basement or a crawl space – not on a concrete slab.

Manufactured Homes, Sectional Homes and HUD Homes are interchangeable terms that describe one-story homes constructed to Federal HUD codes. These homes are never built on a basement or crawl space – they are built on a concrete slab. The term “Mobile Home” refers to manufactured homes that were built prior to 1976, before the HUD code created higher construction standards for manufactured homes.

We always offer new Modular (aka System-Built and Precision-Built) Homes, new Manufactured (aka Sectional and HUD) Homes. On occasion we also have pre-owned homes available.

What about financing?

We have relationships with local lenders who lend anywhere in Wisconsin. We can also work with your favorite lender on your construction financing.

Your new Modular Home will be built to the same codes and will be eligible for the same terms as a “stick-built or site-built” home. If you are choosing a Manufactured (Sectional/HUD) Home, different terms may apply, so be sure that your lender understands your home’s particular construction type.

How do I get started?

Talk to us! Tell us about your dreams, wants, needs, building site, location, budget and timetable. We can help you sort through options, select a plan, and customize the home to make it yours.

Check out our website! We have links to all of our builder’s websites, photos of some of our projects, and virtual tours of our models.

Visit us! Walk through our models, check out our materials sample rooms, and meet us in person. We understand you have lots of questions, and we’re here to help.

Our build area is typically within a 50 -60 mile radius of Hayward, WI.

Are these homes as good as stick-built homes?

Just like stick-built builders, we offer small and large, simple and luxurious, one-story and multi-story, home construction.  We think our Modular Homes are as good as, and in some cases even better than, stick-built, site-built homes.  Our homes are built in a controlled environment, protected from weather and critters.  They are built by teams of professionals who work together year-round, on a full-time basis, building dozens of homes each month.  Wisconsin Homes explains it well below.

Manufactured Homes are also built in a controlled environment, but are by design of lesser quality than Modular and Site-Built homes because they conform only to HUD codes.  However, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality and options offered in today’s Manufactured Homes.  For example, check out our new great-looking, affordable Patriot Home by Schult.

How long is the building process?

It depends. You’ll need to choose and customize your home by working with our team. And coordinate other construction details like site prep, foundation, water, sewer, and electric hook-ups. And decide if you want additional construction done on-site… garages, decks, etc. And maybe arrange for bank financing. When all of these steps are complete, we’re ready to order your house.

The actual construction of your house at our builder’s facility may only take 7-10 days, but there may be other homes to be built first. Our team can give you an estimated “off-line” date for your home when we complete your order. In the meantime, your building site will need to be prepared and your foundation put in place. When your house and property are both ready, the home will be delivered to your site, set on the foundation, and enclosed immediately.

Some of our homes are actually ready for occupancy about one week after they are set on site. Some are not ready for a month or more, because they are more customized and/or include garages, decks, walk-out basements, concrete work, etc.

Our team can give you a realistic timetable for occupancy one we understand the details of your project as well as your specific needs.

Can you send me prices on some of your models?

Yes – we would be happy to talk with you about prices!  As you can see from our website, there are lots of options, so we really do need to talk with you in person or by phone to understand the scope of your project before providing pricing information.  Please call us at (715) 634-5222 or feel free to use the Request Information Form on our website to start this conversation.

Who takes care of the foundation, well, septic, etc.?

We’re happy to handle your complete project! We can obtain the permits, handle site prep, install the foundation, well, septic, handle electric, plumbing and heating hook-ups, etc. And we’ll provide you with pricing on all of this as part of your package.

On the other hand, if you have construction professionals that you know and trust, we’re also happy to work with them to complete the project. Just let us know what’s best for you!

I’d like a garage, deck or other construction done at the same time. Can you help?

Yes.  Talk to us about the full scope of the work you’d like done and we’ll do our best to make it all happen.

What kind of foundation do I need?

Modular (aka Precision-Built, System-Built) Homes require a full basement or crawl space.  Manufactured (aka Sectional, HUD) Homes require a concrete slab.  We can include these in our package or you can work with another foundation contractor.

Do you offer two-story homes?

Yes.  We offer two-story homes built by Wisconsin Homes.  See their options on our Design & Inspiration page.

I found a floor plan I like, but I want to make a few changes. Is that possible?

Probably.  Work with our team to let us know what you want or need, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Where does American Homes build homes?

We are located in Hayward, Wisconsin and our build area is typically within a 40-50 mile radius of Hayward, WI.

Although we are licensed to build anywhere in Wisconsin, we typically operate only in Northwestern Wisconsin.  In the past two years, we’ve built homes in all of these counties:  Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Burnett, Chippewa, Douglas, Eau Claire, Iron, Price, Rusk, Sawyer, Vilas & Washburn.  Let us know where you’d like to build and we’ll let you know whether we can take care of your project.

Can you build my home in the winter?

Probably. Our builder partners are building modular and manufactured homes indoors, all year long.  We have the ability to set homes all year long, but the particular set day can change (at any time of the year) due to adverse weather.  The critical issues regarding winter builds are related to whether your site prep and foundation work can be completed.  Talk to us about your specific project and timing.

I see that one of your other businesses handles geothermal heating. Can you tell me more?

Yes!  Just ask us and we’ll have Tony give you a call.

Will you accept my current manufactured home as a trade-in?

Maybe.  Keep in mind that we’ll need to inspect it to determine its condition and resale value.  Then we’ll need to move it to our sales center and again to a new owner’s home.  Let’s talk about it and see whether we can make a deal that works for you and for us.

Do you offer a home warranty?

Yes.  Each of our builder partners offers warranties on their homes; please see their websites for details.  Included appliances, fireplace inserts, etc. are subject to their manufacturer’s warranties.  Like most contractors, we also warranty our work for a year.  In addition, if you’d like to purchase an extended 7-year total warranty, we’ll split the policy cost with you for this extra coverage.